Western Star Newspaper Online!

I do a lot of genealogy research in Warren County, Ohio. My 4th great-grandfather, Kenneth Anderson, moved to Warren County from Freehold, NJ in 1817 and the family stayed there until 1961. There were two major papers covering this area: The Franklin Chronicle and the Western Star. Neither has been digitized by a major vendor... Continue Reading →

1st Quarter Goals Update

Back in January I set a long list of my genealogy goals for 2018. Now that we are three months into the year, I thought it would be a good time to give an update on my progress! Adding events to my Google Calendar has been the biggest factor in making progress on these goals.... Continue Reading →

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun! Mar 11

I'm writing from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania! This is my grandmother's hometown. I have been visiting her sister and seeing the town. My great-grandparents owned a funeral home, which we looked at today. I like to participate in the SNGF series from Genea-Musings. You can see the original post here. This week's prompt is: 1. What is your... Continue Reading →

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun! September 17

I'm a few days late but I love participating in the SNGF series from Genea-Musings when I have an opportunity. Genealogy has taken kind of a back burner this summer and fall thanks to a travel-heavy summer and beginning graduate school in August. Here is a link to the original post:¬†http://www.geneamusings.com/2016/09/saturday-night-genealogy-fun-what.html The prompt for this... Continue Reading →

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun! May 14

I love participating in Saturday Night Genealogy Fun from Genea-Musings! Today is not Saturday, it's Sunday, and I'll admit 90% of the reason I'm writing this post is to procrastinate work I have to do at 9:30pm on a Sunday. Today's prompt is a relaxed one that is easy for me to answer! You can... Continue Reading →

Not So Fast

Okay so I have been putting off this final post, I know its waaaay overdue but I have excuses! First, I didn't even get to leave France on time. I was delayed by weather on both sides of the Atlantic. Here is an excerpt from a draft I started writing while I was stranded: "So... Continue Reading →

So Close I Can Taste It!

Well another few relatively uneventful weeks have passed. Mostly I spent them hanging out with my friends doing few noteworthy things. A few unusual moments might possibly be worth telling you though: Two weeks ago we went the Planetarium, which was really cool, and the Muse Dobree, the medieval museum full of random stuff. The... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving in France

Ok the title isn't very creative but that's exactly what it was, Thanksgiving in France. I have a few things to say on the subject. First of all let me tell you about how the evening actually proceeded: The event was held at a restaurant that seemed pretty far away for us IES students since... Continue Reading →

Did I Mention…?

I can't believe I haven't blogged for two weeks! Sorry it's been so long. I'll blame it on homework but I can't guarantee that's true.  Lets see, where was I... I mentioned conversation club in my last blog. Let me tell you about that. Every Tuesday night many of the IES student and about an... Continue Reading →

Live in Concert

Last Wednesday was off for Veteran's Day, something France celebrates wholeheartedly (they're always looking for a day off). My host family invited me to go with them to their house in Parce-sur-Sarthe. Parce (pronounced Par-say) is a tiny little medieval town about an hour and fifteen minutes from Nantes. My family has a big old... Continue Reading →

Loire Valley Weekend

   This weekend (meaning November 7th and 8th, I wrote this a while ago) I visited the Loire Valley with IES. We left early Saturday morning and got home late Sunday night. Saturday we started off with Serrant, a beautiful but lesser known and private chateau.  Because it was private it is not always open... Continue Reading →

Discovering Hypermarches

I spent the last two weekend discovering a phenomenon no American will believe without seeing: grocery stores bigger than Walmart. They are called "hypermarches" in French and are essentially food jungles. Some, like Leclerc, contain water stations in case you can't make it out without dying of dehydration. They contain aisle after aisle of all... Continue Reading →

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