Research Interests

Below are some of the names and places I am researching. I’m happy to share what I have if your research or family tree overlaps with mine! The links will take you to relevant blog posts. Have a question about something you see here? Contact me!

Primary Research Lines:

Glasgow area, Scotland (Pre-1700) > Monmouth Co., New Jersey (1700-1815) > Warren Co., Ohio (1815-1960) > Montgomery Co., Ohio (1960-Present)

Pennsylvania > Illinois > Iowa > Montana > Minnesota > Ohio
This family was back and forth and all over the place, it’s hard to provide a chronological list of locations and dates.

Salem Co., New Jersey (After 1750-Present)

Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania (Late 1700’s-1930’s), Franklin Co., Pennsylvania (1930’s-Present)

Other Surnames:

Bates (Massachusetts, (West?) Virginia)

Beal(s) (Warren Co., Ohio)

Bond (Ohio)

Cather (Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio)

Chamberlin/Chamberlain (New Jersey, Ohio)

Cohen/Coen (Salem Co., New Jersey)

Coleman (Pennsylvania)

Craig (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio)

Davenport (Salem Co., New Jersey)

Earley (Franklin/Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania)

Emlen (Pennsylvania)

Fisher (Delaware)

Hankinson (New Jersey, Ohio?)

Hartzell/Hartzel (Ohio)

Irwin (Ohio, Ireland)

Laird (New Jersey)

Lathrop (Connecticut, Illinois)

Leppert (New Jersey)

Lloyd (Salem Co., New Jersey)

McKee (DC area > Montgomery Co., Ohio)

Piper (Pennsylvania)

Ramby (Pennsylvania, Ohio)

Rhodes (Pennsylvania, Ohio)

Ritchie/Ritchey (Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana)

Rooney (Ontario, Canada)

Sarbaugh (Pennsylvania > Ohio)

Shimp (Salem Co., New Jersey)

Skinner (Virginia, Ohio, Texas?)

Stewart (Lancaster, Cumberland, Franklin Co., Pennsylvania)

Tapscott (New Jersey, Warren Co., Ohio)

Ten Eyck/Teneich (New Jersey? > Warren Co., Ohio)

Wickham (Connecticut, Illinois, Ohio)

Woodford (West Virginia)

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