Research Interests

Below are some of the names and places I am researching, specifically a few roadblocks. I’m happy to share what I have if your research or family tree overlaps with mine!

Primary Research Lines:

Glasgow area, Scotland (Pre-1700) > Monmouth Co., New Jersey (1700-1815) > Warren Co., Ohio (1815-1960) > Montgomery Co., Ohio (1960-Present)

Pennsylvania > Illinois > Iowa > Montana > Minnesota > Ohio
This family was back and forth and all over the place, it’s hard to provide a chronological list of locations and dates.

Penns Grove, Salem Co., New Jersey (After 1750-Present)

Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania (Late 1700’s-1930’s), Franklin Co., Pennsylvania (1930’s-Present)

Other Surnames:

Albaugh (Ohio)

Bates (Massachusetts, (West?) Virginia)

Beal(s) (Ohio)

Bond (Ohio)

Cather (Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio)

Chamberlin/Chamberlain (New Jersey, Ohio)

Clutch (Ohio)

Coleman (Pennsylvania)

Craig (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio)

Davenport (New Jersey)

Death (Ohio)

Earley (Pennsylvania)

Emlen (Pennsylvania)

Fisher (Delaware)

Hankinson (New Jersey, Ohio?)

Hartzel/Hartzell (Ohio)

Irwin (Ohio, Ireland)

Laird (New Jersey)

Landis (Ohio)

Lathrop (Connecticut, Illinois)

Leppert (New Jersey)

McKee (Ohio) **Major roadblock here on a “John McKee” appears in Montgomery Co. OH in 1850, disappears without a trace shortly after that.**

Newton (Ohio, Arizona)

Perrine (New Jersey)

Piper (Pennsylvania)

Ramby (Pennsylvania, Ohio)

Rhodes (Pennsylvania, Ohio)

Ritchie/Ritchey (Ohio, Pennsylvania)

Rooney (Ohio, Canada?)

Sarbaugh (Pennsylvania, Ohio)

Schenck (New Jersey, Ohio)

Scudder (New York, New Jersey, and all over the place!)

Shimp (New Jersey)

Skinner (Virginia, Ohio, Texas, etc?) **Really stuck on a James and Minnie Skinner who put up a child for adoption in Ohio in the 1920’s**

Tapscott (New Jersey, Ohio)

Ten Eyck/Teneich (Ohio, ?)

Thirkield (Ohio)

Wickham (Connecticut, Illinois, Ohio)

Wolf (Ohio)

Woodford (West Virginia)

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