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IMG_20171216_121234_297 (1)Hello!

My name is Ellen Anderson. I am a former French teacher, but my passion for genealogy took me back to school and I am now working as a genealogy librarian in Northern Indiana. Every day I enjoy helping others make their own discoveries about their family history!

I have been working on researching my family history since 2014. Before me, my maternal grandmother spent many years researching her side of the family. When I took up the task after she passed away, I chose to add on to my father’s side of the family, the Andersons (hence the title).

I began by using free websites like FamilySearch and the fantastic Warren County Genealogical Society (OH) website but now I do most of my work on Ancestry.com. For my desktop software I use RootsMagic, which syncs with my Ancestry account. Check out the Research Interests page for more information about the surnames and locations I’m researching, I’m happy to share if our research or family trees overlap! I started administering DNA tests in 2015 when I tested both of my parents with Ancestry. I now manage 13 DNA tests across 5 companies and I’m enjoying putting the results to use in my genealogy research.

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Note on Images: Nearly all photographs on this blog come from scans of my personal collections or are digital photographs I have taken myself. The rest were used with permission from their source. Please contact me for permission to use the photos elsewhere online. Thank you!

Note on Copyright: The contents of this blog are protected by US copyright laws. Do not copy, re-post, or distribute text or images from this blog without permission.

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