Saturday Night Genealogy Fun! Mar 11

The home (white) is behind me and the funeral home is on the left.

I’m writing from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania! This is my grandmother’s hometown. I have been visiting her sister and seeing the town. My great-grandparents owned a funeral home, which we looked at today.
I like to participate in the SNGF series from Genea-Musings. You can see the original post here. This week’s prompt is:
1. What is your middle name? Do you know why your parents gave it to you?

My middle name is Ashley. I am a twin so my parents each chose the first name for one child and the middle name for the other child. My mom chose my first name, Ellen, and my dad chose my middle name.

2. Do you have ancestors with your middle name as part of their name?

I have not found any ancestors named Ashley, not surprising since it was only recently popularized for women.

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