Another Week, Another Weekend

This weekend was the Journees du Patrimoines (National Heritage Weekend). All over France museums and other landmarks were open free of charge to the public. With a group of IES students I visited an old observatory then saw Nantes from its roof. Then we visited the Musee Dobree, which had a nice collection of medieval... Continue Reading →

Settling into la vie francaise

I feel like after two weeks I am finally getting used to my life here in France. While feeling like a true part of the family will take all semester, I am no longer uncomfortable in the house. Routine is very comforting to me and finally I'm forming one. Classes at IES started this week... Continue Reading →

Cathedral Obsession Pt I

I wrote this last week and left it in draft status, without publishing it. So here you go: I have an unhealthy obsession with old churches and this commences my visit to cathedrals while I am in France. I didn't really have anything to do this weekend so I took a visit to the local... Continue Reading →

First Week

I have officially survived my first week in France. There's so much to tell but so little time! My arrival was...terrifying but luckily I met another student on the plane to Nantes who helped me. The day after arriving we headed off to Vannes for orientation which was a cute town and a good central... Continue Reading →

Au Revoir America!

I'm leaving for the airport in a few hours. Last night was a packing fiasco, but somehow everything made it into a suitcase, thank goodness! I am extrememly nervous about the travel part of this trip. Not that I'm scared of flying, I love airports, but making my connections and then getting to the program... Continue Reading →

A visit across the pond

Well, I got back from England last week. It was my first international trip and a good trial run for France. We were there for two and a half weeks and saw a lot of the country. I loved London because it was a big exciting ciy but I think Bath might have been my... Continue Reading →


Hello and welcome to my study abroad blog!  I hope this blog will detail my semester in Nantes, France.  I have been preparing this summer for my semester and I am excited to start my blog. I think this is a good time to start because I recieved an email from my host family yesterday!  I... Continue Reading →

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