Cathedral Obsession Pt I

I wrote this last week and left it in draft status, without publishing it. So here you go:

I have an unhealthy obsession with old churches and this commences my visit to cathedrals while I am in France.

I didn’t really have anything to do this weekend so I took a visit to the local cathedral. I actually had to wait about an hour and a half because when I arrived there was a wedding about to start, the bride waswaiting to go into the church. I took some pictures of the outside and headed down to the local chateau to read by the moat until I heard the bells signaling the end of the ceremony.

This cathedral isn’t particularly old because it took so long to finish (it was started in the late 1400’s and finished in the late 1800’s) but it has also had to endure a fire about 30 years ago, among other things.

The inside of the cathedral was beautiful. The entire building is made of white stone which makes the building seem very light and airy inside. While the stained glass isn’t more than 25-30 years old, it is very colorful which looks great against the light interior.

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