Remembering James H. Craig

This weekend we celebrate Memorial Day to remember people who died while serving in the military. I am honoring my only ancestor who died during military service, James H. Craig. James H. Craig was born in August 1823 in Franklin or Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. He was one of six children of Scottish immigrant John Craig... Continue Reading →

Finding the Holy Grail…on Facebook

Five years ago, what sparked my interest in genealogy was realizing that I didn't know anything about my grandfather's WWII service. I only knew that Milton Anderson (1922-1986) had attended the Citadel military college in Charleston, South Carolina and that he had been injured during his service and spent the rest of the war away... Continue Reading →

Transcribing Pension Files

For the past few weeks (months) I've been working on a project I set out in my Genealogy Goals for 2019, a short biography of my 3rd great-grandfather, Stephen Irwin. It has taken up most of my available research time, which is why the blog posts have been a little weak! In the course of... Continue Reading →

Middle Child Syndrome?

"Growing apart doesn't change the fact that for a long time we grew side by side; our roots will always be tangled. I'm glad for that." — Ally Condie Last week Randy Seaver posted a challenge as part of his Saturday Night Genealogy Fun series to share the birth orders of ancestors along a single... Continue Reading →

Happy Women’s Day

Happy [belated] International Women's Day! The featured image on today's post depicts all of my female ancestors for whom I have a photograph. I am so proud to descend from these strong and beautiful women! On this occasion I wondered...How have my ancestors watched women's rights and status in the United States advance throughout history?... Continue Reading →

My Ancestor “Score” 2019

The last time I posted about my "score" on my blog was 2016, and even then my post contained several errors. [What’s Your Number? 2016] This week I added several direct ancestors to my tree for the first time in a long time (thank you polar vortex) and it occurred to me that I should... Continue Reading →

Western Star Newspaper Online!

I do a lot of genealogy research in Warren County, Ohio. My 4th great-grandfather, Kenneth Anderson, moved to Warren County from Freehold, NJ in 1817 and the family stayed there until 1961. There were two major papers covering this area: The Franklin Chronicle and the Western Star. Neither has been digitized by a major vendor... Continue Reading →

Obituary for Georgiana Lloyd

I have never found an obituary for my 4th great-grandmother, Georgiana Lloyd so I wrote my own obituary for her based on my research. Mrs. Georgiana Shimp, 68, of S. Broad St, Penns Grove, New Jersey died Wednesday, August 13, 1913. In 1844, Ms. Shimp was born Georgiana Lloyd, daughter of Lawrence and Rachel Lloyd.... Continue Reading →

Leave No Stones Unturned at Libraries

I have been working in a library’s Local & Family History department for about six months now and in that time I have learned something about genealogy library visits that I want to share with you. Are you ready? Here it is: Librarian’s are not omniscient. We do not hold the library catalog in our... Continue Reading →

Memorial to James Emlen (1792-1866)

This memorial to my 4th great-grandfather, James Emlen (1792-1866) was published in the minutes of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting in 1867. I have done my best to transcribe the text faithfully, including spelling errors. The long passages of religious musings from James' writings have been included in a separate post: Writings of James Emlen. Testimony... Continue Reading →

The Longest Link

I was wondering the other day about how many generations back on each line I could trace an unbroken chain of photos. I realized I had some lines with photos of very distant ancestors, but they were missing a "link" somewhere in the middle, a generation with no photo of the ancestor. With a quick... Continue Reading →

Finding Walter Bell’s Employer in 1911

In researching my great-grandfather, Walter H. Bell, I have been interested in tracking his employers throughout his life. He worked in so many capacities for so many corporations that it has become a personal challenge to track his place of employment year to year. And it often changed in such a short span of time.... Continue Reading →

My Virtual Road Trip to Philadelphia

This week I am joining in on Elizabeth O'Neal's July Genealogy Blog Party by designing and carrying out a virtual research trip! Elizabeth challenged participants to select one ancestor for whom little information is known then to plan and conduct research from home. For my virtual research trip I selected my ancestor James Emlen. Pre-Trip... Continue Reading →

A Patriot’s Story: Part IV

Today I'm wrapping up the story of my patriot ancestor, Lewis Anderson. If you are not caught up on the previous parts you can find them here: Part I, Part II, Part III. Following his military service and his miraculous return home Lewis took up farming. In his pension file Lewis' trade is described as... Continue Reading →

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