The Longest Link

I was wondering the other day about how many generations back on each line I could trace an unbroken chain of photos. I realized I had some lines with photos of very distant ancestors, but they were missing a “link” somewhere in the middle, a generation with no photo of the ancestor. With a quick browse I determined which line had my “longest link.” I thought I’d share that chain with you today!

I also challenge you to share your longest link! Determine which line of your tree has the most consecutive generations of photos of your ancestors, beginning with yourself. You don’t need to own the physical photos, just having a digital copy or having seen the photo counts. Post about it on a blog or through other means and share a link the comments so I can read it!

IMG_20171216_121234_297 (1)Myself, Ellen Anderson (1989-present) I was born in Dayton, Ohio and lived there until I moved to Indianapolis after attending Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Now I live in northern Indiana and I work at a library.


2014-10-05 18.46.26My father, Craig B. Anderson (1954-present) My dad was born in Franklin, Ohio and moved to Dayton as a teenager. He attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio then worked at Ohio Casualty Insurance for 25 years as a systems analyst.


2014-10-26 23.02.52My grandfather, Milton H. Anderson (1921-1986) He was born in Franklin, Ohio and lived there his whole life. He attended The Citadel military college in Charleston, South Carolina then served as a Lieutenant in the army during WWII. He inherited the family lumber business from his father, where he worked until he sold the company in the 1961.

Anderson 1940 Photo Walter RobertMy great-grandfather, Walter C. Anderson (1887-1945) He was born in Franklin, Ohio and lived there his whole life. He took over the lumber business from his father and ran it until he passed away suddenly in 1945.

13My 2x great-grandfather, Howard B. Anderson (1864-1935) He was born in Franklin, Ohio and lived there his whole life. He took over the lumber business from his father, along with his brothers, and was responsible for a huge expansion of the business during his lifetime. He was also one of the founders of the Miami Valley Chautauqua.

Anderson LG headshotMy 3x great-grandfather, L. G. Anderson (1825-1889) He was born in Carlisle, Ohio and, as an adult, moved a few miles down the road to Franklin. He purchased a grain business in the early 1880s and founded L.G. Anderson & Sons, which passed to his sons upon his death.

Anderson Kenneth headshotMy 4x great-grandfather, Kenneth Anderson (1791-1883) He was born in Freehold, New Jersey to a Revolutionary War veteran. In 1816 he moved to the Jersey Settlement, present day Carlisle, Ohio.  Several of his siblings, and later his father, followed him to Ohio to settle in the Miami Valley.

That makes seven generations in my unbroken photo chain! The earliest photo was probably taken in the 1880s and the latest in 2017, that makes for over 130 years of photos. Don’t forget to share your longest link with me in the comments!

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