My Ancestor “Score” 2019

The last time I posted about my “score” on my blog was 2016, and even then my post contained several errors. [What’s Your Number? 2016] This week I added several direct ancestors to my tree for the first time in a long time (thank you polar vortex) and it occurred to me that I should write an update. Let’s see how far I’ve come in nearly three years!

In May 2016, I had 135 out of 1023 potential direct ancestors on my tree in 10 generations. To tabulate my score, I only count ancestors for whom I have a full birth name; women whose maiden names are unknown have not been counted.

How has my score changed? In February 2019 I have 192 out of 1023 direct ancestors on my tree. That is an addition of 57 direct ancestors since May 2016. Of course, my pace has slowed a lot since I started keeping track of the numbers. The further back I get in my tree the more difficult it is to make progress. I have also been working on a lot of genealogy research and projects that don’t necessarily uncover new ancestors.


What is your genealogy score? If you have calculated it or blogged about it let me know in the comments so we can all celebrate each other’s progress!


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