Obituary for Georgiana Lloyd

I have never found an obituary for my 4th great-grandmother, Georgiana Lloyd so I wrote my own obituary for her based on my research.

Mrs. Georgiana Shimp, 68, of S. Broad St, Penns Grove, New Jersey died Wednesday, August 13, 1913. In 1844, Ms. Shimp was born Georgiana Lloyd, daughter of Lawrence and Rachel Lloyd. On March 15, 1866 she married Civil War veteran David S. Shimp, who passed on some years ago. She was previously the widow of William S. Hutchison.

Mrs. Shimp was preceded in death by 1 brother, Bateman Lloyd of Illinois, 1 sister, and a son, Walter S. Shimp. She is survived by two daughters, Rachel B. Hutchison of Philadelphia, and Laura Shimp of Penns Grove; one son, George W. Shimp of Penns Grove; several nieces and nephews; and four grandchildren, Alice Welsh of Philadelphia, Evalena Leppert, Elsie May Shimp, and Alice Shimp, all of Penns Grove. Arrangements are still pending.


Georgiana’s burial location is unknown, although she is likely to be buried with her husband at Emmanuel Methodist Episcopal Cemetery, but the stones are now illegible.

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