What is digitization really?

Part of my responsibility at the library is managing an archive of digitized materials including books, pamphlets, maps, photographs, and more. When most people look at digital archives they see how easy it is to use the materials and are probably unaware of the journey the items took to arrive on their screen. Today I... Continue Reading →

Preservation Preparation 4: Order

The last and final step in the process is to compile your supply needs, place an order and apply the materials to your heirlooms. After the first three steps you should have in front of you documents that contain lists of materials needed to preserve the items in each container of heirlooms you own. Despite... Continue Reading →

Preservation Preparation 1: Home Survey

I’ve held on to this series of posts, unpublished, for the last few months and this week’s #genchat on Twitter inspired me to finally start publishing them! Objective: To preserve my family photos, documents and artifacts. Mission: To determine exactly what needed preserving, what supplies were required to accomplish the preservation project and to be... Continue Reading →

3 Rules for Rescuing Heirlooms

As social networking becomes increasingly popular in the genealogy community, there has been an upswing in the number of posts I see on Facebook and Twitter about other people's heirlooms "rescued" from uncertain fates. Browsing thrift stores, garage sales and Ebay for unwanted photos, marriage certificates, military memorabilia, and other treasures has become almost a... Continue Reading →

Review of Epson V39 Scanner

About a year ago I purchased an Epson V39 scanner with the intent of using to digitize family photos and documents. With a year of use under my belt, I thought this would be a good opportunity to share my thoughts on the product and explain why I selected it in the first place. I... Continue Reading →

Interview with a Film Archivist

I'm spending this week with my family for Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoy the following interview with Walter Forsberg, which I conducted in April 2017 for a course on Film Archiving at Indiana University. Home movies are a treasure in our family archives. I hope this post will inspire you to investigate more about preserving and... Continue Reading →

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