A Patriot’s Story: Part II

If you have not already read the other transcribed portions of Lewis Anderson’s Revolutionary War pension file, you may find them here: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV.

Interrogation of Lewis

Interogatories put by the Court to the above named applicant.

1. Where and in what year were you born?

Answer I was born in Freehold in the County of Monmouth and state of N. Jersey on the 22 day of January 1757.

2. Have you any record of your age and where is it?

Answer in my family bible now in my possession.

3. Where were you living when called into service, where have you lived since the Revolutionary war and where do you now live?

Answer in Middlesex County and have lived about one half of the time in Monmouth and the other half in the County of Middlesex in which county I now live.

4. How were you called into service?

Answer I volunteered in the first tour and in the next I enlisted in the five months service

5. State the names of some of the regular officers who were with the troops where you served, such Continental and Militia Regiments as you can recollect and the general circumstances of your service?

Answer General Washington, Sterling Sullivan and Patinero and Lee and Colonels Magraw and Kidwallader and I do not recollect any Continental Militia regiments but what I have already stated and as to the general circumstances of my services they are all as far as I can now remember in my foregoing declaration detailed.

6. Did you receive any discharge from the service?

Answer I never received any regular or written discharge.

7. State the names of persons to whom you are known for veracity and their belief of your services as a soldier of the Revolution

I will state the names of the following persons for that purpose [?] Judges Robert McChesney, Jacob Van Winkle and Joseph McChesney. Major Richard Reid, Captains Peter Wikoff, Peter Applegate and Peter Dey, John Dey Esquire, John Smith and Thomas Potts Esquires.

Sworn to and subscribed in open court the day and year above said.
Robert McChesney, Judge | Lewis Anderson

And the said Court do hereby declare their opinion after the investigation of the matter and after putting the above interrogatories prescribed by the war department that the above named applicant was a Revolutionary soldier and served as he states and further the Court also certifies that it appears to them that the said Symmes C Henry who has signed the preceding certificate is a Clergyman resident in the said village of Cranberry in the County of Middlesex and that Jacob Van Winkle who has also signed his name to the same is a resident in said county and is a creditable person and that their statement is entitled to credit in witness where of we have hereunto subscribed our names as Judges of the aforesaid Court.

Robert McChesney, Thomas Hanes, James Harriett, Peter P Runyon

I Nicholas Mooreau Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas in aforesaid county of Middlesex New Jersey do hereby certify that the foregoing contains the original proceedings in the said court in the matter of the appreciation of Lewis Anderson for a pension. In testimony whereof I have [?] my hand seal of office this thirtieth day of April AD Eighteen Hundred Thirty Three
N Mooreau, Clerk


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