The Anderson Lumber Company 1876-1963

Anderson 1940c Lumber MillI tried new technique that Lisa Louise Cooke talked about on her Genealogy Gems YouTube channel recently! I used the website Animoto to create a video about the history of the Anderson Lumber Company, which was in my family for almost 90 years! I only did the free version so the quality is lower and there’s a watermark on the video, but it’s still a fun tool!

The company was founded in 1876 by my 3x great-grandfather L. G. Anderson in Franklin, Ohio. He passed the company down through three more generations before my grandfather Milton Anderson sold the company in 1963 and moved to Ohio to manage a hardware store. Today the only memory of the company, aside from the photographs, is a street named Anderson Street where the business was located. Watch the video below to find out more:

Check out Animoto to make your own or visit the Genealogy Gems YouTube Channel to hear more of her suggestions.

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  1. I enjoyed the old photos and the one family photo I believe is on the front porch of 302 Lake Avenue before the front porch was changed after the 1913 flood. Going through the County records 1/3 was given to each child from Hattie Anderson, the late H.B.’s wife. Miss Gertrude Anderson lived at 302 along with later her sister Barbra Miller. Gertrude a retired schoolteacher was also involved with the
    sale of the family business in 1963. In around June of 1965 Gertrude fell in the house and was discovered by a Nieghbor, removed and
    died soon after.

  2. I recently purchased an apron (NOS) that was from the Anderson Lumber co. My last name is Anderson, and I’m going to frame the apron and hang it in my work shop.

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