Saturday Night Genealogy Fun! May 21

I know it’s Thursday but I finally found a minute to post my response to last weekend’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun! post from Genea-Musings. I love participating in these posts! You can find the original post here:

This week’s prompt is:

Tell us about your “genealogy life.”  How much genealogy and family history work do you do, on average, each week?  What tasks do you routinely perform every day, every month, every year?

It’s really hard for me to quantify my time spent on genealogy because I am so inconsistent with it. With a full time job that requires a lot of overtime I don’t have a lot of time to work on genealogy. I do most of my research on odd weekends or during the summer. There are some weeks I spend 12+ hours working and some weeks I spend no hours at all on  genealogy. I don’t have any consistent routines because I don’t have a regular schedule to work.

Well that was a lame answer. I hope I have a better one this time next year!

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