“Tester of Explosives Injured”

My 2nd great-grandfather, James Franklin Straughen, had many occupations during his lifetime from fisherman to carpenter and more. In 1903, he was working as a gunpowder tester at the DuPont munitions factory at Carney's Point, New Jersey. In 1903, Frank was 39 years old and had four children, who ranged in age from 13 years... Continue Reading →

Finding Walter Bell’s Employer in 1911

In researching my great-grandfather, Walter H. Bell, I have been interested in tracking his employers throughout his life. He worked in so many capacities for so many corporations that it has become a personal challenge to track his place of employment year to year. And it often changed in such a short span of time.... Continue Reading →

My Genealogy Vision Board

Have you ever heard of a "vision board"? It's purpose is to serve as a visual and tangible snapshot of your goals or your "ideal life". They are often constructed from poster board and magazine cutouts, but can also be created with on canvas or cork board. Vision boards have exploded in popularity among the... Continue Reading →

Fearless Females: March 12

The Accidental Genealogist is running her annual “Fearless Females” month of March. I’m so happy to be joining in, although admittedly a little late. I will attempt to catch up before the end of the month. If you want to see her blog and prompts you can look here: http://www.theaccidentalgenealogist.com/2015/02/back-for-sixth-year-fearless-females.html The prompt for March 12: "Working... Continue Reading →

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