From the Family Archives: Commencement Programs

I try to share family photos and documents when they accompany an ancestor’s story, but not everything in the family archives lends itself to a story. These are a few items I want to share, especially to make them discoverable by those who might be searching for their ancestors.

Today I have three commencement programs from Franklin High School in Franklin, Warren County, Ohio.


I have no relatives that I know of in this class, but it’s such a beautiful little program that I wanted to share it!



Graduates: Sadie Archdeacon, Hannah Archdeacon, Maggie Clark, May Evans, Will J. Fleming, Cliff Lockwood, Daniel B. Mitchell, Terrence Mehan, Katie Riley, Maud Reece, Olive Rossman, Anna Sharts, Anna Sheedy, May Sherzer.


My great-grandfather, Walter Cromer Anderson, graduated in 1904.



Graduates: Walter Cromer Anderson, Maude Brown, Edith May Carpenter, Elizabeth Mary Costello, Irvina Elsie Dearth, Myrtle Edna Dunham, James Dunham, Mary Carleton Eldridge, Anna Van Dyke Gaynor, Farrin T. Griest, Laura Adella Hatfield, Luella Marshall, Eugene Smith.


With the class of 1910 two of my 2nd great aunts graduated: Helen Hartzell and Bernice Anderson. Bernice passed away in 1911.




Graduates: Bernice Anderson, Ruth Brown, Marc Hartley Bridge, Helen Winifred Copp, Ina C. Dearth, Lucile Erhart, Flora Eberle, Ella B. Gaynor, Marjorie Hankinson, Helen Hartzell, Olive Mentz, Marguerite Moery, Esther Miller, John W. Voller, Hazel Winona Wones.

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