Grandpa’s Graduations

Early June is graduation season, which represents a lot of educational milestones. Although certainly not the earliest evidence of education I have for my ancestors, I noticed that, all the chapters of the educational career of my grandfather, William J. Straughen (1933-2015), came to a close in the same week spread out in four-year increments.  Bill always prized education very highly, which the key to improving his circiumstances in life, and strongly encouraged the education of his children and grandchildren.

Eighth Grade Graduation – June 13, 1946

Broad Street School, Penns Grove, NJ

High School Graduation – June 1950

Penns Grove High School, Penns Grove, NJ

The class of 1950 at their 25th reunion.

College Graduation – June 7, 1954

Juniata College, Huntington, PA


Medical School Graduation – June 12, 1958

Hahnemann Medical College, Philadelphia, PA



Which of your ancestors participated in commencement ceremonies during graduation season?

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  1. Ellen, I graduated from St. Leo’s parochial school, Philadelphia. PA in June, 1946 also.
    I graduated from Northeast Public June, 1950. I had a 4 year AirForce enlistment from 1951 to 1955. I graduated from LaSalle University in June, 1959.
    Strangely coincidental, when I worked for NCR in Philadelphia I was right around
    the corner from Hanneman Hospital and Medical School. My sister, Sarah, was
    born at Hanneman in 1937.

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