10 Webinars to Watch

I’ve said many times on my blog that one of my favorite ways to keep up my genealogy education is through Legacy Family Tree Webinars. As much as I love conferences, it’s much cheaper (and cozier) to watch webinars at home in my pajamas. I have had a subscription to Legacy Family Tree Webinars for 3 years and I make it a habit to watch at least two of them a month, whether live or recorded.

Of all the webinars I’ve watched, these are my top 10 favorite webinars currently available on the site. You will need a subscription to access these or you may purchase a downloadable version, but if you keep an eye out you might see a sale opportunity once or twice a year. So without further ado, in no particular order:

  • Researching Women – Community Cookbooks and What They Tell Us About Our Ancestors by Gena Philibert-Ortega – I love community cookbooks as a source for enriching the stories of female ancestors! At the library I regularly search ebay for church and community cookbooks to collect so it’s fun to see them being put to use in this webinar. WATCH
  • Remote Research in the Databases of the Daughters of the American Revolution by Rick Sayre – I didn’t realize how much was available online from the DAR and I’m not sure I could have navigated all the parts of the site without this roadmap! WATCH
  • No, no, Nanette! What negative evidence is…and isn’t by Judy G. Russell – Judy is just a superb speaker. All her webinars are incredible. She is my genealogy idol. I’ve limited myself to only including two of her webinars on this list, but truly I could have made a whole top ten list of just her webinars! WATCH
  • Inventing America – Records of the U.S. Patent Office by Judy G. Russell – You might think you could skip this webinar because your ancestors were not inventors. Don’t. It’s a dive into a fascinating history of American ingenuity and a reminder to look for your ancestors in the most unusual places. WATCH
  • It’s a Numbers Game! Understanding Recognized Genealogical Formats by Alice Hoyt Veen – If you, like me, have entered genealogy in the digital age you might not be well-acquainted with the variety of genealogy numbering systems. This webinar is enormously helpful for understanding the family histories you read and a great refresher if you plan to publish your work. WATCH
  • Preserving Old Family Letters: Tips from an Archivist by Melissa Barker – You might be surprised that a whole hour could be devoted to the discussion of preserving just one type of genealogy document. Whether you have a handful of precious letters or a treasure trove, you will appreciate this thorough tutorial on preserving them. WATCH
  • Preserving Family Photographs: 1839 to the Present by Maureen Taylor – This is a useful primer for understanding the different types of photographs and the unique preservation needs of each. WATCH
  • Are You a GOON? What is a One-Name Study and Why Do One? By Kirsty Gray – If you have never explored the world of the Guild of One-Name Studies you are in for a real treat! This webinar will certainly whet your appetite for your own one-name study. WATCH
  • Finding Thomas’s Father: an 18th Century Prince William County Virginia Cast Study – Case studies are probably my favorite kind of genealogy presentation to watch and this one doesn’t disappoint. I love watching evidence come together into a conclusion. WATCH
  • Online & On Track: Railroad Records, Indexes, and Finding Aids on the Internet by Paula Stuart-Warren – Like the patent webinar, this topic was also not relevant to my ancestors, but it was fascinating to learn about all the unusual sources for railroad research and all of the hidden corners of historical institutions where they live! WATCH

What is your favorite webinar you’ve watched? Leave a title or link the comments so I can watch it!

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  1. Thanks so much for mentioning my webinar on Community Cookbooks!–Gena

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