Spring Cleaning My Genealogy

Spring is here! It’s time to open the windows, breathe some fresh air, and take a walk around your favorite cemetery to stretch those brick-wall-busting muscles after a dreary winter. The tradition of “spring cleaning” is present in many cultures including Iranian New Year, Passover, and Easter. Over time we have begun to associate the... Continue Reading →

Planning Research Trips As You Go

Next week I’m giving a presentation about research trips at the library as a part of our annual community read month themed around The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. One of my favorite tips in the presentation is how I prepare throughout my research so I’m ready to take advantage of any travel opportunity to... Continue Reading →

One-Page Research Form

On my way home from RootsTech I was inspired to renew my research on my brickwall ancestor, John H. McKee. I started by writing down my research question: When did John McKee die? Followed by a research plan. To put my research plan on paper I pulled out a form I had developed a while... Continue Reading →

My RootsTech Day Bag

Today I packed for RootsTech 2019! I have been working on planning some carry-on only travel to Europe in the fall, so I've had packing on the brain this week and it's spilling over into this week's blog post. After two years of packing waaaay too much in a suitcase that was waaaay too big... Continue Reading →

2018 Genealogy Goals Wrap-up

A lot has changed in the last year! In February 2018 I moved to Northern Indiana and started working as a genealogy librarian there, which has been a wonderful opportunity to serve genealogists in the community and hone my skills in areas unrelated to my own family tree. All year I was conscious of the... Continue Reading →

Gifts for Genealogists Under $30

Genealogists are pretty easy people to buy gifts for. There are so many aspects to the hobby that make for great gifts at all price ranges. Even if they already have the thing you picked out…genealogists love to have backup copies of everything! Just promise me you won’t buy anyone a faux-parchment certificate with their... Continue Reading →

Staying Motivated

Lately I've been distracted and unmotivated. I get home from work and I don't want to work on genealogy, work on my blog, or fulfill some of my related commitments. For example, I am writing this blog post way past my self-imposed deadline. I've been wasting time doing other things instead, things that mostly involve... Continue Reading →

My Genealogy Vision Board

Have you ever heard of a "vision board"? It's purpose is to serve as a visual and tangible snapshot of your goals or your "ideal life". They are often constructed from poster board and magazine cutouts, but can also be created with on canvas or cork board. Vision boards have exploded in popularity among the... Continue Reading →

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